About Us

The co-directors of Die Visfabriek, Sebastian and Juanita Duarttee, opened the doors of Die Visfabriek in 2012, after working many years for their friend and mentor Gordon Ludski.

In the beginning it had only been Juanita managing and driving Die Visfabriek forward. It had started off with just Juanita and 8 other staff members working in Die Visfabriek and had only the one shop.

In 2014 Sebastian had officially joined Die Visfabriek as co-director of the business and ever since Juanita and Sebastian have been an unstoppable force with their staff, pushing to make Die Visfabriek the best it can possibly be.

They have grown from just Juanita and her 8 staff members to Juanita, Sebastian and 50 other staff members. Die Visfabriek wasn’t their only business as Die Visfabriek has 3 sister companies called Seafood & Chicken Cheap, Seafood Cheap as well as Seafood & Egg Cheap.

Sebastian and Juanita still strive to further grow their businesses and furthermore still bring you the best products at the best prices.