I&J Kiddies “Fish Dogs”


Difficulty:   Intermediate
Serves: 8


  • 1 x 400 g pack I&J Original Fish Fingers
  • 1000 Island sauce
  • 8 mini hotdog rolls or dinner rolls, sliced lengthwise
  • tomato sauce, in a squeeze bottle


  • Cook the I&J Original Fish fingers as per the cooking instructions on the pack.
  • Spread a teaspoonful of 1000 Island sauce on each roll, and then add 2 fish fingers. Use the tomato sauce to create fun patterns on the fish fingers.
  • For added fun, make mini flags using toothpicks and paper. Stick one flag into each “Fish Dog”.

Serving suggestion

Serve with cucumber “chips”.

Source: http://www.ij.co.za

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